Whether you’re seeking relaxation, pain relief or want to improve your circulation, massage therapy at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage may benefit you. We have highly trained female and male therapists on staff who are skilled in a variety of techniques.

We offer the following types of massage at our clinic:

Deep Tissue

This technique involves the application of sustained pressure using slow and deep strokes to reach those deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Many people with chronic aches and pains request this type of massage.

Lymphatic Drainage

This type of massage is often requested amongst those who have had any form of cancer treatment. As a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, many of these patients can get lymphatic edema-swelling from the lymphatic system. Due to their cancer treatment, they often have arms and legs that are larger than usual.

With this form of massage, very light pressure is used which allows the body to drain the lymphatic system a little bit quicker. Some women use the massage to improve their circulation and for weight loss programs they are participating in.


Many mums-to-be experience discomfort throughout pregnancy. Massage is an excellent modality for addressing assorted aches and pains. At our practice, we feature a table that’s changed to cater for a woman’s pregnant body shape. Some pregnant women can lie on their stomach as we have a pregnancy pillow that they can use under their stomach and hips to help them feel more comfortable.

Otherwise, the massage therapist will lie them on their side with a pillow under their head to create comfort for them as they receive their massage. The strokes used in pregnancy massage will be more relaxing versus the deep strokes used in deep tissue.

Trigger Point Therapy

Do you have painful knots in your muscles? If yes, trigger point therapy may benefit you. Many people come to us because they have headaches. When we examine them we find that along with the spinal misalignments that our chiropractor treats they also need to receive trigger point therapy to relieve neuromuscular knots.

Sports Massage Therapy

This is a specific type of massage that treats and prevents different sports injuries. It encompasses different forms of massage and muscle manipulation to help treat sports injuries and muscle strains. It works by stretching and stimulating tight muscles and improving the condition of soft tissue. This is a common modality preferred by many of our athletes.


You can choose a 30-, 60-, 90- or 120-minute massage.

Most people come for remedial massage as they want us to treat those areas that have dysfunction in their bodies. On occasion, some people see us requesting a relaxation massage. They don’t enjoy deep massage because for some people that means discomfort. The relaxation massage is done with longer strokes and more stretching techniques instead of the deep tissue pressing and holding of sore points.

Yes, you should hydrate your body well. We will give you a cup of filtered water that you can drink before your massage.

It’s important that you avoid engaging in strenuous activity right after your massage. Why? Because some people feel quite relaxed and lightheaded, it’s important that the blood flow settle down a bit in your body first.

Occasionally, people get what we call a “toxic headache,” which occurs when the toxins are released from the muscles into the bloodstream. When that takes place a headache can occur. If you experience that, you can just hydrate more than usual. You also can call us for further advice on the phone.

Many of Dr Roberto’s patients who don’t get a massage are unable to hold the adjustment very long because the muscles have memory in them. Once the spine has been misaligned for a while those muscles around those segments in the spine acquire that memory that very rarely can be broken. That is unless we get into those muscles and release the tension around them.

Dr Roberto finds that those who get regular massages in tandem with the chiropractic adjustment hold the adjustment longer and patients report they feel better overall.